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This is not a story about theory,

it’s a story of practice

a Creamteam story about design, passion and love

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Creamteam Ad & Design Studio has been in existence for only a few short years,
this is why there are still some people who have yet to hear of this fresh and innovative ad & design studio. Regardless of that, businesses need advertising, logos, corporate identity
and a credible corporate image.
Please, check out our portfolio on Behance and tell your business partners and friends about us and our services. We will be very grateful and believe they will be delighted.
Thank you in advance!

We say very little, because our work speaks for itself:

If "bo księgowość nie musi być nudna" web project is from you, respect!

Łukasz Walat, Senior Product Manager, ING Bank Śląski S.A

Raphaël Pudlowski,
french designer,
NY festival 2000 finalist:
very nice one, and original

Karol Goreczny,
designer and illustrator,
from Poland
said: cool!!

Pixel Junglist,
Digital Artist,
Odessa Ukraine, said:
Big work!

Were you given free rein to create these logos or a very tight brief?

from Dom Hall's interview with Creamteam
for Computer Arts, March 2010.

We, here at Creamteam, never start work on a logo or corporate identity before a lengthy discussion with a client (obviously this consultation is much shorter for the technical preparation of a sign for example). We want to know precisely what image the client wants to convey via the logo. Some of our questions may appear strange, but we know what we’re doing… Of course, every new job is a completely fresh challenge for us.

If only I had the chance to see comparable posters in Budapest…

Hey, Creamteam, You've got some fantastic work here,
on your stream!

— You've got some fantastic work here on your stream! Great image! and graphic! — said Anna Osk from Iceland about us.


— Oh, my goodness… wonderful result! If I would only have the chance to see even just some similar posters in Budapest… took my breath away, keep up your work —
Gloire from Budapest said on Flickr about Creamteam's work.


— Can I ask you how and when you started your job […], how long you're in graphics? — we were asked twice by Isedo from Rome, Italy


Wait a minute… all of the above comments refer to only one of our jobs, our portolio includes many more of the same quality.


If you were to ask your clients what they think about your ads, campaign, posters, logo & signs you’ve produced, are you certain they would say the same thing? No?
Are your products & services intended for a global marketplace?
We can help with these aspirations. Now you know whom to contact.


Thank you for your time.
If you need more info or details, check out the links below, to our portfolio, profiles on Facebook & Twitter, also to our blog, written in pl & en:

Our guys are open-minded & think outside the box, check out,
what they do after hours, a few links below:

We think, personal contact is the best, check us out:, contact Skype

+48 508 655 303

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